Above photo from left to right: Sylvester Thomas (National Sailing Academy), Kemoir Martin (CSA Secretariat), Rocky Simon (Blue Waters Hotel), Keith Connor (Pineapple Beach Club), Carlos Merrick (Verandah Resort and Spa), Shawn 'Turban' Ambrose (Antigua Yacht Club).

May 29, 2019, National Sailing Academy, Antigua: The Caribbean Sailing Association (CSA) is delighted to confirm that three more watersports instructors from Antigua and Barbuda have completed the CSA Resort Instructor Course.

Taking place at the National Sailing Academy, English Harbour, CSA Trainers Sylvester Thomas and Shawn 'Turban' Ambrose took the team who represented Verandah Beach Resort, Pineapple Beach Club and the Blue Waters Hotel through three days of intensive training to refresh their skills and focus particularly on delivering quality customer service, safety management systems and delivering enjoyable discover water sport sessions for their customers.


From left to right: Rockford Simon, Blue Waters Hotel, Carlos Merrick, Verandah Resort and Spa and Keith Connor, Pineapple Beach Club.

After the training, each of the attendees had very positive feedback about their experience on the course. Keith Connor of Pineapple Beach Club said, "It has been a great refresher and to be reminded of the simplest things that need to be done, that can become serious problems if not done. The instructors Sylvester and Turban have a way of giving instructions which has just the right tone. its not a heavy voice and its not a soft voice, but it encourages you to listen and follow instructions." He went on to say, "I now has to go back to my workplace and discuss what things I'd like to put into place to do things differently". In doing so he seeks the ongoing support of the CSA in re-enforcing the importance of certain practices.

Rocky Simon, from Blue Waters Hotel said, "I am pleased to have come on the course and in particular the learning of new safety tips and how to deal with guests well and in particular knowing when to escalate issues to superiors if there are challenging situations."

Carlos Merrick, from Verandah Resort and Spa, "I encourage more water sports staff to come on the course, no matter how long they have been working and think they know everything. you will learn a lot."

Shawn 'Turban" Ambrose, a Senior Instructor from Antigua Yacht Club said "What is great about this course is that it being a group training situation, the instructors all learn from each other and that even though the attendees often know the drills they were able to learn how to do thinks faster and more safely."

Sylvester Thomas, Chief Instructor from the National Sailing Academy is looking forward to delivering the next Resort Instructor Course. 'Hotels and resorts can't underestimate the importance of sending all of their team members on the course. US$500 spent now could save the cost of a very expensive law suit later. Safe practices and procedures in place at each property is critical for guest safety and for the reputation of Antigua and Barbuda."

President of the Caribbean Sailing Association, Alison Sly-Adams commented, 'Thanks and congratulations must got to instructors Sylvester and Turban as this is the first time they have delivered the course in full without any supervision. We look forward to more countries coming on stream and delivering the training throughout the region'.

The next courses will take place in August. Hotels with staff members interested in attending can email info@nationalsailingacademy.org for more details. Member National Authorities or Yacht Club and Programmes around the region interested in more information about teaching the course can email alison@caribbean-sailing.com

From left to right: Sylvester Thomas, Keith Connor and Shawn 'Turban' Ambrose.

From left to right: Sylvester Thomas, Rocky Simon and Shawn 'Turban' Ambrose.

From left to right: Sylvester Thomas, Carlos Merrick and Shawn 'Turban' Ambrose.

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