The Sailability Programme is delivered by the National Sailing Academy instructors under the directorship of Bob Bailey who founded the programme in Antigua and Barbuda. The programme offers the differently-abled community of Antigua the opportunity to sail to the best of their abilities. Due to the nature of challenges both children and adults experience, whether of a physical or an intellectual nature, the individual is assessed and then lessons will begin.

For some who have very limited or no mobility, this may mean a 'joy ride' experience where the instructor operates the boat and the student sits back and enjoys the adventure. In doing so they experience a very real pleasure on being out on the water and the sense of adventure if can bring to their lives. For others it may mean developing their skills over time until they are sailing the boat independently, and in some cases learning to race.

Our instructors are experienced in assessing and dealing with each student individually and taking time to assess their needs and adapt their programme accordingly. Sailability is the only organisation of its kind in Antigua which offers this very important service to the disabled community.


The fleet used for the programme includes three RS Venture Connect dinghies and four Hansa 303's which are specifically adapted for use by those with restricted abilities. .These boats are nominated by the sport's governing body, World Sailing, as being the most suitable equipment for disability sailing. RS Zest dinghy's are also used for those who are able with adaptations made.

Lessons or sailing experiences are available to visiting people who are differently-abled.


Weekday mornings through term-time Adele School, Victory Centre, the National Rehabilitation Centre and the Care Project attend lessons from 10am to 12pm. There are also spaces available for individual adults or children not a part of those organisations who would like the experience of sailing.

The school can also cater for those residents or tourists who have the ability to pay and would like one on one tuition.