We want to give an update on what is happening at the National Sailing Academy. Two weeks ago the Government requested all schools to close and hence our group classes both for the Schools Programme and the Sailability Programme are discontinued until schools re-open.

Private lessons and equipment hire including Lasers, RS Zests, RS Fevas, RS Ventures, Hansa 303’s, Kayaks and SUP’s continue as usual.
Due to the new earlier curfew of 6pm our Sailing Hours have been adjusted to 9.30 am – 3.30 pm. All equipment must be off the water by 3.30 pm to allow our team to pack away and leave in time to be home safely prior to the curfew.

In order to minimize person to person contact and hence mitigate the chances of spreading COVID-19 we have adapted our booking procedures:

Once on property please follow these protocols:

  • Ensure you are wearing a mask correctly covering the nose and mouth.
  • Wash your hands at the washbasin outside the watersport centre bathroom.
  • Alert a member of staff – usually in the Watersports Centre or the vicinity or down on the dock (All are wearing grey rash vests with Instructor on the back).
  • Ensure you are wearing a life jacket.
  • Get assistance as needed with rigging or launching your equipment
  • Heading out for a lesson or hire. Please ensure if on board with an instructor you are wearing a mask correctly covering your nose and mouth at all times.
  • On returning to the dock again please ensure you are wearing your mask correctly covering the nose and mouth.
  • Return all equipment's and please ask if you require assistance.
  • Remove life jacket and rinse in the tub provided and hang back in the jacket store.
  • Wash hands.

We love our community and the social aspects of our sailing school, however; we ask that you assist us in minimizing any gatherings and clusters while the current restrictions are in place. This way we can all continue to indulge our passion of being out on the water. If you are a group coming to sail together on dinghies please arrive in groups of 4 maximum and stagger your launch onto the water and off the water to assist with this.

Once you have finished your lesson or equipment hire we ask that you leave the property unless ordering takeaway from the restaurant or staying at the Lodge. If you are doing either of the latter we ask that you proceed to either business and clear the water sports centre to allow other sailors to arrive and launch.

Thank you for your understanding.

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