Welcome to the National Sailing Academy Schools Programme. To register your child into our programme please fill out the form below.


Schools Programme

  • Sailing is free for students in group classes who attend a state school.
  • A fee of EC$350 per term for 10 classes is applicable for children attending lessons from a private school.
  • Morning group sessions on Saturday are free for all children from all schools.

RYA Lessons
RYA stands for Royal Yachting Association and is an Internationally recognised qualification. RYA classes tend to be in smaller groups and more intensive so students will learn faster. Once they have achieved the required skills they will be given a certificate. We teach Levels 1,2,3, Sailing with Spinnakers and Seamanship skills.

  • Saturday group class is EC$475 for a total of 16 hours of sailing which will take place at 2pm for 2 hours weekly.
  • Individual RYA Courses are EC$675 for a total of 16 hours of sailing which generally take place over 2 full days or 4 half days.

Please register your child below to take part. Children do not need to swim but they need water confidence. We will ensure before they are given sailing lessons that their water confidence is at the required level to ensure their safety. They will be given a life jacket to wear at all times when on the water.

Code of Conduct

All  Students attending the school are expected to adhere to the  following Code of Conduct when on property:


Wear a mask, sanitise, socially distance and be vaccinated

Wear a Life Jacket and post sailing wash, rinse and hang up

Bring your boat up and de-rig appropriately unless asked by your instructor to leave it

Respect your surroundings & property – the lawn, the slipway, the equipment

Respect instructors, each-other and yourself

Respect the water, the wind and the elements.


Enter the Watersports Centre unless returning dinghy equipment or having been asked by an instructor to do so
Do not leave trollies in the water and ensure they are not a hazard where left
Be on the dock without a supervisor or a jacket

Fight or Use Indecent language or behaviour

Sitting on the Gallery of the Lodge
Litter or loiter

If you can follow the simple rules, we welcome you

If not, there will be consequences resulting in DCB (Don’t come back) which can be temporary or permanent.